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Seeds of Another Summer

Seeds of Another Summer by Beth Powning

Penguin Viking 1995, paperback 1996
out-of-print, available used

"A powerful statement that makes us sit up and wonder what we've been missing." The Windsor Star

After twenty-five years on a New Brunswick farm, Beth Powning has come to know the valley that she and her family call home. She has learned to hear, and read, its subtle messages: the exuberant rushing of spring rivers, dew-hung spiderwebs in dawn mist, the haunting flute of a wood thrush, fireweed seed fluff spinning through late-summer sunshine..

In lyrical prose and sensuous, evocative photographs, Beth Powning captures the miracle – and the urgency – of rampant gardens; the hidden life within a field; the comfort found in familiar trees; the tumbling beauty of wild plants. Relying on her own deep familiarity with the land, she navigates the boundaries between domestic and wild places, revealing the intricate interplay between humans and the living spaces we inhabit.

At once resonant and new, Seeds of Another Summer is a soulful exploration of the connection between humans and the earth, and of the everlasting search for the spirit of home in nature.