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Essay from Galarie Elena Lee Catalogue 2004

interiorselfcWhat I'm attempting with my work is to produce objects that excite me as well as engage others. It's really as simple as that. I've had the experience so many times of seeing: art that moved me, exhibitions that have left me stunned, museum artifacts that made my heart sing...that had the pulse of the real ... that captured something essential and perhaps universal. I try to do that with my work.

While each piece may deal with a different variety of concerns and influences, all the work comes from the same well of desire to connect with myself, my surroundings and other people.

I sell my work so that I can afford to make more and to share it with an "audience". Being an artist is a perilous and peculiar occupation that has many and varied rewards as well as many and varied insecurities and pitfalls. Exhibitions are a chance to come out of the woods and see if the work really works and hasn't just become a delusory obsession.