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The following are essays written over the last few years for catalogues, books and magazines.

Catalog Essays and Images

Peter Powning’s technical prowess in so many materials is second to none, particularly, when he skillfully manipulates these materials into one, single work of art... What is also astounding is that Powning can work in such varied scale: small domestic tabletop objects, larger sculptural works to monumental public commissions. It cannot be said enough, that the breadth of materials and the dramatic change of scale in which he uses them is extraordinary.

-Rachel Gottlieb
-Associate Curator, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

Powning combines disparate materials to create a complex totality. He primarily works with bronze, steel, glass and stone finished in rich textures and colours evoking a sense of antiquity. “His work is multi-leveled,” says visual artist Susan Edgerley, who shows glass sculpture with Ainsley, “and brings together many elements – each piece has so much information. The work is contemporary, but it feels as if it’s being pulled through history, which implies that it will endure.

-Susan Edgerly
-Artist Quotation from Seeking Balance catalogue.

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