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improvMuch of my approach to making art is improvisational; akin to playing jazz. I do sketches; ideas progress or are discarded, variations and themes develop. I experiment with materials and techniques as I go. Most of the work starts out as a series of experiments. I rarely have a title for a piece until after it's finished. The work is more likely to suggest a name than the name suggesting the work; quite often the title evolves with the piece.

Improvising doesn't mean I start with an empty head. I have ideas and a starting place, or at least a way to start finding a starting place, as well as qualities and forms I am looking for. I leave room for discovery and accident as a piece progresses. If the end result is too programmed, preconceived or self-conscious the life goes out of the process and the work . It becomes akin to playing notes rather than feeling the music.

My work is metaphorical and allusive, but in loose felt ways, rather than by use of conscious specific literal references. I'm usually seeking qualities of antiquity and mystery, something unmoored from time and place. I strive for work that projects a feeling of obscure provenance and yet evokes feelings of deep recognition and connection.