New Life and Mysterious Signs

April 2010

Welcome to my newsletter!

When I last wrote, we were preparing for the launch of The Sea Captain’s Wife. I am happy to report that 500 people attended, and we are still talking about how much fun we had.

Picking out costumes at King’s Landing Historical Settlement….

kings landing-39 kings landing-38

And the event!

DSC_0193DSC_0226 book_launch_sussex-48book_launch_sussex-63




Then it began to snow!

April 2010 gazebo

April 2010 january snow-11

Indoors becomes cozy, a place of refuge.

 winter general-54-41 


I spent much of the winter taking The Sea Captain’s Wife on the road. I talked to radio and TV hosts, and read to audiences in Halifax, Saint John, Toronto, Vancouver, and Connecticut. Here is a glimpse of life on the road.

paul castle and b-1-1
CBC Shift with Paul Castle, Saint John, N.B.
Live at Five!
Toronto: Classical FM
April 2010 Torono
View from the 46th floor in Toronto.
Spring 2010 Toronto IMG_0152
And sometimes its nice to have breakfast alone.

Meanwhile, Peter stayed home and made a chandelier. Dinner, now, is like being at Hogwarts.



January, February and March flew past. It is an odd feeling for an author when a book comes out. It’s a mixture of joy, terror, anxiety, and relief. I was in Vancouver when my agent phoned to tell me the wonderful news that the book will be published in the USA by Penguin/Plume.

So as spring suddenly (it seems, having been away so much) rushes upon us, I am talking to a new team of editors, designers, marketers and publicists about preparing the book for its American debut early next year. And I’m thinking about what I will write next.

But now the real happiness comes. Soil, worms, seeds, the sound of rushing waters, the return of the blackbirds. New life, mysterious signs.

Spring 2010 Spring April 2010 snow hole

Apri 2010 Pussywillows April 2010 Red branches

And the sweet smell of freshness.

April 2010 laundry April 2010 closeup laundry

April 2010 laundry basket

Happy spring to you all,


log house expedition-17