Galerie Elena Lee — Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue, 16pp colour
Galerie Elena Lee, Montreal, 2004

Crusty Yellow Basin


Award winning artist Peter Powning has for several years now turned his attention to glass. He is a master of mixing different materials and techniques cohesively in his sculpture. The objects he creates are visually accessible because they speak the language of the “functional and familiar.” They are, however, like nothing one has ever encountered: modern in design, they are infused with colours and textures that lend them the preciousness of an ancient artifact.

Initialement connu pour son travail en céramique, Peter Powning explore depuis plusieurs années le verre. Passé maître dans l’art du mélange des médiums, Powning produit des oeuvres faisant preuve d’une cohésion et d’une harmonie surprenantes. Et, en obtenant un résultat au design moderne, mais a la facture antique, comme s’il s’agissait d’anciens vestiges, il nous présente un travail qui se démarque par sa richesse stylistique et sa haute qualité technique.

Galerie Elena Lee


What I’m attempting with my work is to produce objects that excite me as well as engage others. It’s really as simple as that. I’ve had the experience so many times of seeing: art that moved me, exhibitions that have left me stunned, museum artifacts that made my heart sing…that had the pulse of the real … that captured something essential and perhaps universal. I try to do that with my work.

While each piece may deal with a different variety of concerns and influences, all the work comes from the same well of desire to connect with myself, my surroundings and other people.

Peter Powning