Sandra Ainsley Gallery: Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue, 35pp, colour

Left to right: Broken Pillar, Open Self

House of Sticks & gallery view

Toronto 2006

“Peter Powning, one of Canada’s leading artists, lives and works in the Caledonian Highlands of southern New Brunswick. A ceramist and sculptor, he uses a mix of media to create hauntingly moving works expressive of contemporary concerns. He is a master of creative narrative, engaging his audience with sculptures that are both provocative and serene, elusive and dynamic. His best work displays a mastery of the manipulation of clay, glass, and metals to a degree not often achieved even by those who specialize in one of these individual media. It speaks of “the beauty of the spirit that has been tried and survived”, as he melds shards, fragments, and fractured segments into works of fluid integrity.

His work is represented in galleries both in Canada and the U.S., and has received many awards, both national and international. He has exhibited extensively in solo exhibitions across North America, as well as participating in numerous travelling shows. He has received much public recognition for his accomplishments, in books, magazines, public institutions, honorary memberships, and organizations, and has been influential, nationally and internationally.”