Public Commissions


Spire Stela

North York, Ontario
June, 2014

Silicon Bronze
Large Spire Stela on Bathurst 20’ tall x 2.5 x 2.5’
Small Spire Stela on Saranac 10’ tall x 2’ x 2’

Cranbrooke Village Condominium by Options for Homes, at Bathurst and Saranac Blvd., North York, ON. This is another community based project that involved schools, the North York Historical Society, Archaeological Services Inc., and several open sessions with the general public where I made impressions from objects brought to me by community members. The artifacts formed the relief on the cast bronze which took the form of puzzle pieces, a metaphorical device representing the complexities of the community. This was a very gratifying commission that engaged a good cross section of this diverse community.

Community volunteers produced a website and booklet about this commission and the artifacts included.