Public Commissions


Elevation Place, Canmore Mulitplex, Canmore, Alberta, 2012

30’ x 4’ x 4’
Rundle stone, cast bronze and stainless steel

Touchstone was above all a collaborative community enterpise. My idea of asking the community to take part in creating it’s own narrative was the germ of the project. By providing me with objects and artifacts that had a part in defining Canmore for them personally, people gave me the source material for the bronze relief that is at the core of this sculpture. I wanted to encourage community involvement.

The themes of Touchstone were inspired by the place, it’s history, people and natural setting. I was taken by the daily presence of the wild in and around town, the impressive network of trails along the creeks and marshes that weave through Canmore, the birdlife, the bunnies, the proximity of large wildlife, that little tingle of anxiety walking at dusk that something large might be sizing me up for dinner.

Canmore is an exciting place to be because of its location and the presence of the wild. Many people participated in and helped with this project. Volunteers made the impression-taking sessions for the relief possible and were essential to the success of Touchstone.

A book was produced by volunteers. It features the artifacts used in the bronze relief and images of the people who supplied them along with their stories about the artifacts.