Waterbook: Adrift (AP1)

I am currently using a Nikon D300 which is a digital camera. I process using Photoshop but generally only make adjustments to size, cropping and levels without the use of filters. I studied photography at University as a minor. My interest was rekindled in making images when I began experimenting with books and other objects as sculpture. The results were too fragile or ephemeral to have an existence as static objects. Making images of them became the best way to capture what I was seeing and share it. The book series is an examination of the book as iconic object. In my examination the book becomes the story rather than bearing it. The images depict the book out of context, perhaps under duress and in poetic circumstances. I have no message, the book is the message. I intend that viewers consider their reactions to the images. The prints are made with a Canon Image Prograph Printer IPF 9000 or IPF 8000 using Lucia archival pigment inks. The print medium is either lustre paper or coated canvas, both archival. The paper prints are laminated to aluminum with a 2″ float. The canvas prints are stretched on stretchers and framed. All my prints to date have been editions of 5 with 1-3 artists proofs in addition to that (AP1/3 for example) as well as a number of trial proofs (TP 1/2 for example). The trial proofs are to work out mounting and size considerations, once that is done I do an Artists Proof or two and then start with the edition of 5. This is more or less standard.

Powning Studio

43" x 27" x 1.5'