Alterations: Coin Book

This piece continues my longtime exploration of fragmentation, found objects and notions about perceptions of value in the context of shifting cultural sands. As handmade pottery was replaced by industrial ceramics, something was lost. The connection with the skilled maker producing functional ware for daily use was largely replaced with mass produced ceramics whose provenance could not be tied to an individual but to a factory and perhaps a designer or team of designers. I have haunted antique shops seeking bargain china to reclaim through a process of deliberate fragmentation, alteration and reassembly. The factory-made commodity is manipulated by hand (and hammer) to create something new. The resulting object attains its own identity and connections as a post-industrial, contemporary artifact. A collage of shards still based on the original object, but altered for a new function.

Studio 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia

15" x 9" x 5"
Porcelain & cast bronze