Interior Self

This piece deals with the stuff we’re made of: from our interior framework, to our cultural heritage, to the personal foibles we develop. The use of the bronze bones is a symbolic reference to structure, with obvious physical references, but meant more as a metaphor for the notions and ideas that come from family and society, that form the foundation of the way we see the world. I’m also thinking of ancient influences that have shaped what us, but that we may be unaware of. That accounts for the indecipherable glyphs: they are there, we aren’t sure how they got there or what they all mean, but they are part of us in often hard to discern ways. I’m attempting to portray the beauty of the self and its potential wholeness, even though we are conglomerations of many diverse elements and influences. The bones and branches were produced from rubber molds taken from rabbit bones supplied by the NB Museum. From the molds, I produced waxes which were assembled as they now appear. They were cast in bronze using ceramic shell casting. The castings were finished with enamels and wax.

Powning Studio

25" x 20" x 5"
Glass, cast bronze, steel and finishes.