New Hope Nimbus

I’ve been working on my “Nimbus Series” for a number of years. A good deal of the work I have been engaged in over the last few years deals with metaphor based on ideas concerning balance, fragmentation and transformation: of the body, heart, mind, spirit, nature, language & culture. The work is meant to have the feel of the artifact: an emotional artifact made solid, a cultural artifact from some future/past, reconstructed or guessed at. Some parts are original, some new, others are assumed. These concerns inform much of my work either very deliberately or often in some subtle, even unintentional way. The “Nimbuses” consist of a broken or heavily textured central field surrounded by luminous glass. Metaphorically I’m interested in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the idea of homeostasis (that when injured or knocked off kilter we tend to return toward stability) but in the process gather character, scars and other signs of having experience. The glass is meant to evoke that element that is cohesive and unifying in the midst of altering experiences.

Ingrid Mueller Art + Concept

26" diameter x 5" deep
Glass, raku fired clay, gold leaf/ wood mounting