Peter Powning
By John Leroux (Goose Lane Press)

Peter Powning: A Retrospective book cover

“I start with an original object, break it, and transform parts of the piece into other materials. These pieces gather meaning and explanation as I work with them.”

Peter Powning is simultaneously referred to as a sculptor and a ceramist, but his art does not fit easy categorization, incorporating and combining elements from one medium into another. His work challenges the viewer to reconsider the object, its form, and its function. This inventiveness has resulted in numerous exhibitions, awards, and commissions for public art sculptures throughout Canada.

Featuring 175 full-colour images of Powning’s work along with essays by curators and critics, Peter Powning celebrates the career of one of Canada’s finest visual artists and accompanies a major retrospective exhibition organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, opening in September 2020. [read more…]



Sometimes in working on site-specific public sculpture proposals the “inspiration” comes as much from desperation as anything else. There was no such thing with Canmore, there is so much to work with there: an interesting, active community, spectacular geography, vivid characters, stunning scenery, amazing wildlife — truly an abundance of riches [read more…]

Spire Stela

Working with Peter Powning, as he gathered material for the Spire Stelae sculptures at the Cranbrooke Village condominium, has been a pleasure. It is clear, from both the concept of the artwork and from Peter’s interaction with all the people involved, that he is enthusiastic about involving the community in creating the “cultural mulch” for the bronze reliefs which clad these sculptures [… read more]



Seeking Balance

“Seeking Balance,” Peter Powning’s latest solo show at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery, is a significant body of work, highlighted by dramatic lighting against the distinctive industrial backdrop of Toronto’s Distillery District: stone and brick walls, polished concrete floors. [… read more]



Transmutations: Exhibition Catalogue

24 page colour catalogue with essays by Ingrid Mueller, Mireille Eagan and the artist Peter Powning. [… read more]

Sandra Ainsley Gallery: Exhibition Catalogue

“Peter Powning, one of Canada’s leading artists, lives and works in the Caledonian Highlands of southern New Brunswick. A ceramist and sculptor, he uses a mix of media to create hauntingly moving works expressive of contemporary concerns. He is a master of creative narrative, engaging his audience with sculptures that are both provocative and serene, elusive and dynamic. [… read more]

Galerie Elena Lee: Exhibition Catalogue

Award winning artist Peter Powning has for several years now turned his attention to glass. He is a master of mixing different materials and techniques cohesively in his sculpture. The objects he creates are visually accessible because they speak the language of the “functional and familiar.” They are, however, like nothing one has ever encountered: modern in design, they are infused with colours and textures that lend them the preciousness of an ancient artifact. [… read more]

Outdoor Sculpture

Glass, cast iron, bronze, stone, Corten steel and stainless steel are materials that will all stand the elements over a prolonged period. It is not my intention that my outdoor work be completely unaffected by exposure. The work is meant to “settle in” to its site and mature with age, taking on a site-specific patina as a result of sun, wind and rain. [… read more]

Elemental Clay and Glass, by Peter Powning

In the past 25 years, Peter Powning has earned respect among connoisseurs of fine craft as one of Canada’s most innovative ceramists. Many people recognize his distinctive and commercially successful raku pottery, but few realize that he is also a sculptor with an international reputation. Gloria Hickey has curated the first national solo exhibition of Powning’s sculpture for the Canadian Clay and glass Gallery, and Peter Powning: Elemental Clay and Glass documents this exhibition with 46 colour photographs, curatorial essay and artist’s statement. [… read more]

Leap of Faith / Un acte de foi

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Faculty Exhibition
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton NB
April 29–September 16, 2007
Peter Powning, Curator


International Glass Art

By Richard Wilfred Yelle
Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd & Design
Peter Powning content Pgs 256 & 257